Advantages and disadvantages of using inner and outer connection for aluminum profile

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Advantages and disadvantages of using inner and outer connections

Two common fixing methods for industrial aluminum profiles are internal connection and external connection. So what are inner and outer connections?
The internal connection is to hide the connector and fastener in the profile groove.There is no raised part  In the plane of the frame surface
The external connection is mainly fixed on the profile groove, so it is easy to see the accessories used.
So which connection method is better for the aluminum profile Workbench? What are the advantages and disadvantages of inner and outer connections?

Advantages and disadvantages of inner connections
1. The internal connection is mainly hidden in the profile, making the workbench look like a whole structure, which is more beautiful
2. The internal connection will not occupy the space in the profile groove, which is convenient for installing various baffles and doors on the workbench.
3. There are many types of accessories that can be selected for internal connection, such as end fasteners, inner bracket, built-in connectors, anchor connector, etc., which can realize various connections for  workbench. Among them, the workbench connected by the hexagon socket bolt has good load-bearing performance and high connection strength, which is helpful to realize the customized processing of the load-bearing workbench.
4. The internal connection is hidden in the workbench, so there will be no scratches, etc.

1. The inner connection needs to be punched or tapped on the profile, the cost will increase, and the construction period will also increase
2. For customers without installation experience, the internal connection installation operation is difficult

Advantages and disadvantages of outer connections:
1. The external connection of the workbench does not require punching and other processing, the cost is low, and the construction period is short.
2. The external connection is easy to install, as long as the external connection piece is fixed on the profile groove with bolts and nuts. Commonly used external connecting pieces are corner bracket and connecting plates.
3. The external connection can use two accessories at the same time to reinforce the sturdiness of the workbench. For example, two corner pieces are used to fix the joint up and down at the same time, and the connection strength is much higher than that of one corner piece. This is impossible for internal connections.
1. The main disadvantage of the external connection is that it is not good in appearance, and it is an exposed accessory. The connection method can be seen on the workbench, and the later maintenance is relatively troublesome.
2. The external connection is prone to bumps or scratches during use
3. The connection strength of the external connection is higher than that of the internal connection.

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